New Hotel Planned in Midtown

Even as St. Louis has experienced record levels of development over the last few years, Midtown still tends to lag other neighborhood, particularly near the Wells Fargo Campus. That’s all set to change with the Jefferson Connector, part of the Midtown Alley project.

The Midtown Alley project is set to include more residential units with the Beaumont Lofts, office space, and of course the new hotel project dubbed the Jefferson Connector. The hotel portion will renovate a large section of the Wells Fargo campus, as pictured below.

This stretch of Jefferson will benefit from significantly more activity and should make the Western edge of Downtown far more welcoming to visitors. The hotel will boast just over 200 rooms and should be completed sometime in 2023, according to the developers at Green Street.

With the new MLS Stadium, a rehabilitated Union Station, and this new hotel, Midtown should look and feel very different in just a few years time.

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