The Grove Lofts at 4440 Manchester Under Construction

Development in The Grove is continuing at a rapid pace, with lofts at 4440 Manchester now under construction.

4440 Manchester – Brian Adler

Right across from, Urban Chestnut Brewing Company these lofts are poised to add significant density to The Grove closer to Kingshighway. The building will reach five stories and supposedly should have retail fronting Manchester, helping activate this end of the corridor. This development is also highlighting the neighborhoods roots and culture, specifically in regard to The Grove’s historical acceptance and celebration of LGBTQIA+ individuals. As such, the building will be clad in rainbow colors to show their support and pride for the community.

Tower Grove Pride released the photo below as a preliminary rendering of the project, which also appears to include patios for most, if not all, of the units. Park Central Development Committee indicates that there will be 60 units with retail on the first floor, at a total cost of $13,350,000.

Tower Grove Pride

With Chroma Phase II nearing completion near Vandeventer and other apartment projects on the way, The Grove is showing no signs of slowing down even in the middle of a pandemic.


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