Blight in Drury’s Wake: When Development Stalls and Buildings Crumble

Drury Hotels scatter the St. Louis area, offering a value-focused hospitality experience in buildings that predominantly look alike. Friendly staff greet visitors who arrive with a clean room, a few free drinks per day, and a breakfast buffet. Drury now operates more than 150 hotels in 25 states, with 20 in St. Louis alone. Drury’sContinue reading “Blight in Drury’s Wake: When Development Stalls and Buildings Crumble”

New Hotel Planned in Midtown

Even as St. Louis has experienced record levels of development over the last few years, Midtown still tends to lag other neighborhood, particularly near the Wells Fargo Campus. That’s all set to change with the Jefferson Connector, part of the Midtown Alley project. The Midtown Alley project is set to include more residential units withContinue reading “New Hotel Planned in Midtown”